The Moonlite Cruiser

Welcome on board the Moonlite Cruiser

This former Shannon cruise boat has now anchored for good along a clear mountain stream. Your private jetty will lead you to the boat and once entered you will find yourself in a bright living/dining area with a most picturesque view.
Surrounded by lush green rolling hills occasionally dotted by white tuffs of mountain sheep you can imagine yourself as being part of a romantic landscape painting. A patio area invites you to sit outside at night time, (relaxing from a day touring the countryside) while gazing towards the unpolluted dark sky, making wishes on shooting stars.

Alongside original maritime features throughout, the boat also offers a cosy cabin for the captain and his crew, a kitchenette, a gas heater and a toilet/shower facility. Upon arrival at ‘Ox Mountain Glamping Site’ you will be immediately in awe of the experience that awaits you. Let yourselves escape into nature’s detox where smart gadgets are forgotten.




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