We offer a large camping area which is supported by its own cabin, fitted with electricity, toilet and a kitchen sink. Students can use the cabin services without needing to leave the campsite area.

Our fire pit also sits beside the camping area is providing students with the opportunity to enjoy some campfire fun at night.

We also provide tents for students which they erect or ‘pitch’ themselves.

The campsite like the entire Ox Mountain Adventure Camp is securely located behind our electric gates and fencing and our remote location provides added security and tranquility for students.

For adverse weather conditions, our fitted out Bunk ‘n’ Barn facility can be used by students.

The Bunk ‘n’ Barn building comes complete with fitted wooden bunks.

Toilet and washroom area, kitchen sink and fridge are also fitted to the building.

Students can relax in the building passing any severe weather conditions dry, warm and safe with a few boards or table games.

We also have a large BBQ unit for students to prepare their own food under supervision by us, thus by further promoting the self-reliance ethos of the Gaisce Award. To comply with the require walking distances for the Gaisce Award we enjoy the choice of several routes in our area.

The main route consists of traversing a hilltop peek leading to forest trail and eventually joining the famous ‘Sligo Way’. A loop around Easky Lough brings students to their furthest point from the camp at which point a quiet country road leads us back to base camp and some well-needed dinner.

Secondary routes for shorter distances include a hike to a hilltop peak knowing locally as the ‘Robbers Den’ descending into a close-quarters forest pass which corals students to the promised land of a ‘hardcore trail’ leading back to base camp.

Other routes include hikes to picturesque hidden hilltop lakes and the locally famous ‘Stirring Rock’.

All hikes are fully supervised and led by experienced guides throughout and great care is taken in regards student safety.

Students can also learn about our mountain environment on a casual basis as we traverse the routes.

For student downtime, our site connects to an adjacent forest with clear trail walks and leads to the local Mass Rock Site which can be visited within a 5-minute walk.

Our guides work to the highest standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for students and are –

  • Mountain Leader Trained

  • Garda Vetted

  • Qualified in Remote First Aid care.

They also –

  • Employ the ‘Leave No Trace’ policy.

  • Follow guidelines set out by Mountaineering Ireland regarding Child Protection Policies.

Prices –

Bronze Award – € 45.00 (1 night)

Silver Award – €75.00 (2 nights)

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